Volunteer Marine Conservation Florida Courses

As a PADI AWARE partner, Silent World Dive Center is dedicated to being an ocean steward and marine conservation supporter for the Upper Florida Keys Reef ecosystem and beyond.

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PADI AWARE badge for their Ocean Conservation Partners

Our mission is to incorporate local businesses, students, visitors and our community in our pursuit to preserve the Florida Keys Reef. As a PADI Five Star training center, Blue Star Operator, PADI Project AWARE ally, and Green Fins Operator we encourage ocean lovers to take substantial action in support of our marine environment. Through education, eco-conscious diving, and snorkeling practices we pledge to be a leading dive center for ocean conservation efforts locally and globally.

Marine Conservation Program

Learn Ocean Conservation at a PADI 5-Star Dive Center

The Silent World Dive Center in Key Largo is one of the 6,600 dive centers offering PADI AWARE courses and training about ocean life and conservation. At the five-star dive center in Key Largo, you have the opportunity to learn all the basics about coral reef conservation and sea life.

To properly contribute to ocean and coral reef conservation, get certified in the PADI AWARE courses. Help preserve the sea life and create a healthy balance between land dwellers and aquatic splashers with coral reef volunteer opportunities or whenever you venture out on a dive.

Find Volunteer Opportunities with Silent World and Our Network in Florida Keys

In Key Largo, the Silent World dive center can help you apply what you learned from the AWARE conservation courses in the water. Silent World dive center is the perfect place to start if you want to be a restoration volunteer.

From teaching the PADI AWARE course and many other courses to having an extensive network of people and businesses within the community, we can guide you in the right direction for AWARE conservation.

With never-ending work to be done, all the volunteering helps make our ocean a better place. Plus, what’s more fun than diving?

Volunteer Marine Conservation Courses

If you are as dedicated as we are to making the ocean a better place, join us at Silent World to get certified in the three AWARE conservation courses we offer. Next time you go diving, be “aware” and know how to operate in, and respect the ocean that is home to infinite possibilities of life.

AWARE Coral Conservation Specialty

At Silent World, the AWARE coral conservation specialty course is about 1.5 hours long, with the option to join us for an afternoon boat trip with discounted gear rentals afterward.

The course will teach you all about coral reef conservation. From how critical coral reefs are for ocean life to the current state of coral reefs.

After taking this AWARE course, you will know how to leave reefs better than you found them instead of damaging or harming the reef while you interact with it.

AWARE Invasive Lion Fish Tracker

The AWARE invasive Lion Fish tracker course is a non-diving course available to anyone interested without any prerequisites.

When you get certified in this course at Silent World, you get the option to go on an included snorkel or scuba reef experience.

After the classroom portion of this course, you will be well-educated on the complexities of coral reefs, how they function, why they are crucial, why many are in a severe predicament, and how you can help save ocean life by preventing further decline.

AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty

For this AWARE shark conservation specialty course available at Silent World, you need to be a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver who is at least 12 years old.

If you love sharks or want to learn more about them, this is the course to take! In this exciting AWARE course about shark conservation, you will discover why sharks are critical for the ocean and marine life, why they are vulnerable, and how to manage threats and protect them.