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DAN Courses in Key Largo, FL

What is the Divers Alert Network?

The divers’ alert network, also called DAN, is a world-renowned diving safety organization dedicated to the support of divers. The DAN organization provides meaningful medical services, does impressive research and reports, and provides global response programs to teach divers everything about safety, injury prevention, lifesaving, and more. The organization offers many DAN training courses and certifications to help prepare and educate divers for the best adventures.

What is a DAN Certification?

The DAN offers two main training courses to earn certifications. Divers alert network certifications prove that you have passed the specific courses and know the actions to take in any diving situation. DAN instructors offer two training courses to get diving safety certifications.

The first is Basic Life Support, covering basics like CPR and first aid. The second is the Emergency Oxygen Provider, teaching things like emergency oxygen for scuba diving injuries. Being certified in these lifesaving techniques can be helpful in any environment, not just while diving.

DAN Training Courses with Silent World Dive Center Instructor

At the Silent World Dive Center, our instructors are certified DAN instructors ready to train and certify you in Basic Life Support and Emergency O2 provider DAN courses. All our courses meet the current ILCOR (international liaison committee on resuscitation) and AHA (American heart association) guidelines. Sign up with Silent World today to get certified in skills that could save lives.

DAN Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid

The essentials taught in the basic life support DAN course give you the proper skills and knowledge to care for any individual in a life-threatening situation until medical professionals can take over. All the essential diving first aid and life support practices you learn in this course apply to anywhere in your life, not only diving. You will come out of the DAN Basic Life Support: CPR and first aid course knowing CPR for any age, how to use defibrillators, control bleeding, assess choking, or even respond to a person in shock. When you complete this course with Silent World DAN instructors, you will get a provider card showing that you are certified in Basic Life Support.


DAN Emergency O2 Provider

Even though The DAN emergency oxygen provider course is more specific to diving and water than the Basic life support DAN certification, it can be valuable knowledge in many scenarios, especially in any water sports. The emergency O2 provider DAN training course will teach you how to administer oxygen first aid for injuries and spot symptoms, where incorporating oxygen will help. Some techniques will be specifically about diving. Administering oxygen first aid will radically improve injuries (especially in diving-related situations like decompression illness) by getting oxygen to the body tissues to reduce the increase of other gasses like nitrogen. DCI, or decompression illness, is when nitrogen in your body increases while ascending back to the surface from diving. The oxygen will help with more than just DCI. Supplementing oxygen for any condition can help eliminate or reduce injuries from worsening until medical professionals can take over. The earlier you administer oxygen first aid to a person injured from diving, the better. Sign up and learn more about dan oxygen first aid.